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Men’s Summer Pijama

PIJAMA has been created to win and to already be a step ahead the night before.

Behind its elegant and comfortable line, designed for the athlete’s sleep, there is a genuinely active sports garment that thanks to its fibres which emit infrared rays, is capable of improving performance and boosting results.

The quality of a performance depends on the physical condition attained by an athlete through training and an optimal recovery from previous effort, both in competition or training.

Sleep, which is essential for an efficient and healthy physical condition, is in this sense a very important phase when the athlete’s organism rebalances its energy before the next effort.

Thanks to the infrared emission by Pijama, many parameters of the sports performance show a clear improvement, because before a competition, it offers more refreshing sleep and optimizes more generalized oxygenation, boosting power and muscular resistance; after training or competition, it accelerates recovery, helping to eliminate lactic acid, contractures, cramps and solve micro traumas, inflammation and minor muscular pathologies or tendinitis.

Sizes Reference

Sizes S M L XL
Chest (CM) 88-96 96-104 104-112 112-124
waist (CM) 73-81 81-89 89-97 97-109

100%  Polyester
Washing Method

Machine wash cold with like colours Do not bleach Lay flat to dry Do not tumble dry Do not iron Do not dry clean

For hygiene reasons, once the order has been paid, no return or exchange of merchandise will be accepted.
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