Health Power Women's 3/4 Pants - COE Concept Fashion & Sportswear Apparels

HEALTH POWER® Technology is a hi-tech multisport garment by Accapi. It is made with Nexus E.S. fibre, the only textile fibre with constant infrared emission that acts directly on the blood circulation, improving it, increasing muscle oxygenation and boosting performance.

Intense and enduring physical exertion requires clothing that reduces discomfort caused by excessive sweating, and which promotes heat loss.

The seamless technology used for the realization of this garment, with its unusual double-layer structure, helps the fibre that is in contact with the skin to absorb moisture and expel it to the outer layer, where it evaporates faster. This prevents the body overheating during physical activity and its subsequent cooling following exercise, keeping the body pleasantly dry and at an optimal temperature, regardless of the temperature outside.

The structure of Accapi Health Power® also offers high elasticity and softness inside the top, thereby avoiding rubbing and irritation during exercise. The fibre, chosen for its comfort and excellent fit, guarantees exceptional shape retention.

Size Chart

Waist(CM) 60–67 67–74 74–81 81–88 88–98 98–108
Hips(CM) 84-91 91–98 98–105 105-112 112–120 120–128
Regular Inseam(CM) 79.5 79.5 80 80 80.5 80.5
Short Inseam*(CM) 84.5 84.5 85 85 85.5 85.5
Tall inseam*(CM) 74.5 74.5 75 75 75.5 75.5