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Photonizer (Cycling)

PHOTONIZER 4-14 Thanks to its natural infrared emission, the Nexus fibre has an influence not only on the blood, by making it more fluid, but also on all the other fluids such as water.
Our body is about 70% water that provides the cells with nutrients and eliminates its waste. The greater the harmony between water and the body, the greater the well-being.

The Photonizer 4-14 bottle/flask cover, when placed over a plastic or glass (not metal) bottle, improves this harmony by optimizing the interactions between water and the organism.

This way, the body is hydrated more quickly and more efficiently and, if the water contains supplements, they are absorbed more quickly and digested better. This is why those who use it also use it in everyday life.

Photonizer 4-14 also moderately stimulates diuresis which means faster and more effective elimination of waste and therefore a better purified organism.


0.5/0.75 litre
Suitable for small bottle
Cover the bottom of bottle


65%  Polyester 33%  Nylon 2%  Elastane
Washing Method

Machine wash cold with like colours Do not bleach Lay flat to dry Do not tumble dry Do not iron Do not dry clean

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